Charles Crawfoots is the manager, controller and vice-director of the line of the Waterdown Railway. He is typically the person in charge of the railway as well as a friend and companion of most of the engines.


Charles is a very calm, kind man and as well as being the manager of the Waterdown Railway, is a friend of most of the engines and people of Waterdown, especially childhood friend Tabitha whom he married and settled down with. He typically gets on with most of the engines though does get slightly annoyed if the engines go against his orders such as Dawn's hard work ethic or Cojak making excuses to get out of work. The only person who Charles has little patience with is Mr. Traverse as both disagree on the transport of Waterdown as Charles will point out how so long as their trains run on time, Steam can stay, but Traverse believes that the railway should look forward to the future.


Voice Actor
  • Daniel: Public Enemy onwards

  • Charles has appeared in every single episode of Crossed Lines.