Vital statistics
Gender Male
Position Odd Job Engine
Built November 1957
Class British Rail Class 14 Diesel Hydraulic
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 0-6-0
Tractive Effort 30,910 lbf
Weight 48.50 long tons


Cojak is a small class 14 diesel with a nack for complaining.


Cojak was one of the first diesels to operate on the Waterdown Railway when he arrived, serving as part of the Survey Corps before being transferred to the quarries at Callast.


Cojak is typically a very grumpy diesel engine with a poor attitude who hates doing hard work and will often make lame excuses in order to get out of it. Cojak, being a diesel engine, often gets annoyed by the other steam engines, in particular Atlas, Clay, Ramona and Creed (prior to being scrapped) and sometimes boasts about him being the best engine on the whole of Waterdown. He can also often make cold comments about some of the steam engines, like the time he showed no sympathy about Creed being scrapped, and intentionally gets on the other engine's nerves. Despite this Cojak does have respect for engines like Boomer and Zebedee and will thank other engines once they help him.


Cojak is painted in BR green with yellow warning panels


Cojak is based on a british Rail Class 14 diesel hydraulic.



Voice Actor

  • George: Down The Drains onwards.


  • Cojak was the originally the first character to be thought of by Haydn for the series before being developed into the diesel shunter you see today. His original concept art portrays him as a Class 04.
  • The Real D9500 is preserved and stored at the Peak Rail in Derbyshire. However in the series, Cojak's Number is D3.
  • Outside of Crossed Lines, Cojak, along with Clay, appeared on Louie's channel for a skit featuring one of Louie's characters, Magnum.


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