Vital statistics
Gender Female
Position Transcondential Passanger Engine
Built Sometime Beetween 1911 - 1928
Class LNER B12
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Configuration 4-6-0
Tractive Effort 21,969 lbf
Weight 60 long tons

Ember is the last steam engine of the Masonry Bridge Line.


Ember had always worked on the Masonry Bridge Railway, the first of many engines built by the railway's own workshops. She and her best friend, Atlas, were a pair of engines trusted by the others with talking to their controllers on the line. When the end of steam came on the line in the late 1950s, due to the controller favouring diesel power over steam, she convinced many of the engines to follow her lead, staging protests and incidents on the railway while Atlas favoured a more cosmopolitan approach. These incidents escalated, further infuriating the diesels and after setting a fire at an abandoned station Atlas and Ember had a massive falling out with the latter storming away. Eventually in 1958, she caused the Tatlo-on-the-Green Rail Disaster, by blocking the tracks with a goods train which destroyed 2 engines, severely damaged Atlas, and killed Killian Hargraves' family. After the accident, she was taunted, tortured and guilt fed. She felt so much guilt that she guarded Atlas until he was taken away for what she thought was for scrap in 1960. The supposed loss of Atlas caused her spirits to fall, especially after spending 20 years inside the Masonry Bridge Scrapyard, being overseen by Hardgraves.

Ember had very little trust in most diesels due to the events that occured during her final days operating at Masonry Bridge. However, her views began to change after Boomer aided Zebedee in her escape and learning that Levi took Atlas to the Waterdown Railway. She is kind and friendly, though her time in the smelters shed have greatly dampened her spirits, she cares about Atlas greatly and was very depressed when she believed him to be dead.


Ember is currently painted in LNER Apple Green, and carries the numbers 8544.


Ember is based on an LNER B12 4-6-0 locomotive. One, 8572 has been preserved on the North Norfolk Railway.



Voice Actor

  • Lauren: Nightmares onwards
  • ButterflyCoffee: 2016 Christmas Message


  • Ember used to work with Atlas at Masonry Bridge.
  • Haydn has confirmed that Ember is blind in her right eye, explaining its darkened appearance.
  • It was revealed in 'Rebel Iron' that Ember was in the scrap yard for 20 years.
  • The real 8544 B12 locomotive Ember's model is based on was built by William Beardmore & Company of Glasgow, Scotland in 1920 and was later renumbered to 1544 in 1946. It was then withdrawn from service and scrapped in 1947.


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