Haydn is a youtuber by the name of HalfBakedHex8 and the creator of the fan series 'Crossed Lines'. He voiced nearly all of his characters for the first few episodes, but since Episode 4 "Going Hayware" Haydn decided to organize a complete voice cast for his series from his engines to the humans.

He likes his name spelt Haydn, because that is how it is spelt as opposed to Hadyn, Hayden or, in a more casual setting, 'Hey-Dan'. He's also called Virgil sometimes, but not many people know why.

On the creation of 'Crossed Lines'

Haydn's opinion:

"Crossed Lines is a brainchild that I had been nursing for years, and got to a point where I thought 'I have the models, I have the stories, let's do this'. I am very proud of what I have accomplished with them so far, and have grown myself as a writer of characters and storylines by it.

I wanted to take the series as far away from the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine as possible, while still respecting it as an influence. Things like design choices, naming conventions and plot content all swerve greatly away from the eponymous blue tank engine, but still hopefully keep a similar spirit.

I think reading comments left by people on the episodes themselves is gratifying enough on its own. People saying 'I want to know what happens next' or 'I really like this character', or even when the voice actors say that they really enjoy playing their character, it means that a connection has been made, and that I have succeeded in making people care. Comparing this to the days where the only one who knew of Crossed Lines and these characters was myself makes me very happy to have shared this with everyone."

Taken from SiF Crossed Lines Page.


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