Levi (short for Western Leviathan) is a large diesel engine who works on the Railways outside of Waterdown bulit in 1957.

Levi was part of a fleet of passenger diesels designed to replace steam engines. At first he was assigned to the Western Region before taking a new assignment on the Masonry Bridge line. At Masonry Bridge, he saw a line that was a shadow of its former self and was more depressing than where he had just came from. He soon however discovers Ember and Atlas on the sidings during one of his passenger runs. He soon formulates a plan to get Atlas to the Waterdown Railway by bribing the shunter, Whistler, and taking him on a goods train. This move however saw him sent back to the Western Region, where he would spend the remainder of his normal service life until being purchased by the Valentine Preservation Trust.
Levi is a very friendly diesel engine always willing to work hard to please others. Unlike most mainland diesels Levi feels sympathy for Steam Engines and was proud to help Atlas escape from Masonry Bridge to Waterdown. He is a hard worker and gets on well with his owner and curator Valentine.
Levi is painted in BR Green.
Levi is based on a British Rail Class 52 Western,

Voice Actor
  • Trevor: Kindred Spirits only