The Flying Scotsman
Vital statistics
Gender presumably male
Position Express Engine, Grand Old Engine of York who pulled ten thousand trains, a bottomless money pit
Built a long time ago in a workshops far far away
Class A3
Status preserved, lord god on high, the almighty and untameable
Physical attributes
Configuration 4-6-2
Tractive Effort a lot
Weight EXCUSE ME?!

The Flyng Scotsman is a large engine who was used for expresses on the main line.

While he hasn't appaered in the series, he did have asegment in the Christmas Massage. Dawn descirbed him as "an inspiration, a hero to all engines, a living legend" whereas cojak called him a "bottomless money pit" and "he's a big nose fat face with a god complex"

  • He is one of the known characters who has a nose - Benjamin being the first
  • Ember doesn't like The Flying Scotsman
  • He has a scar that goes over his nose
  • Dawn idolises him, calling him 'my l
Other Bits
Some attributes
First Aliases include: Scott, Scotty, Watermelon Devouring Champion 1933, 54, and 72, The Flying Scotsmoon, Bottomless Money Pit, God, Flying Eyebrows
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
iege'. It's a little unhealthy.